Do I Have Dementia?

Do I Have Dementia? – Can I Get Dementia?

Potential Symptoms of Dementia

If you have a number of these symptoms, this doesn’t mean you might have Dementia. Anybody can have a lapse of memory or perhaps display bad judgment occasionally. Any time these lapses turned out to be consistent or even hazardous, nonetheless, it is best to inform your health care professional about them right away.

Are you experiencing difficulties with any of these activities:

  •     Learning as well as remembering new details. Do you replicate things that you say or do? Forget about conversations or meetings? Fail to remember the spot where you place things?
  •     Coping with sophisticated activities. Are you experiencing problems carrying out tasks that demand numerous steps for instance balancing a checkbook or preparing an evening meal?
  •     Reasoning capability. Do you have difficulty solving day-to-day issues on the job or your home, for example knowing what to do when the restroom is flooded?
    •     Do you have problems traveling or even finding your way around well-known locations?

  •     Vocabulary. Are you experiencing problems choosing the words and phrases to convey what you want to express?
  •     Behavior. Do you have difficulty being attentive? Have you been much more short-tempered or possibly significantly less trusting than normal?

Here’s another little comparison  showing the difference between possibly having symptoms of Dementia or just normal memory issues. As stated before if you are worried that you may have Dementia you should seek a doctors opinion on the matter.

Signs of Alzheimer’s

Typical age-related changes

Poor judgment and decision making

Making a bad decision once in a while

Inability to manage a budget

Missing a monthly payment

Losing track of the date or the season

Forgetting which day it is and remembering later

Difficulty having a conversation

Sometimes forgetting which word to use

Misplacing things and being unable to retrace steps to find them

Losing things from time to time



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