What Is Dementia and Can it be Treated?

What are the Dementia StagesIf Dementia is not a disease what is it?

What is Dementia? Dementia is the term for a group of signs and symptoms that are a result of alterations in brain function. Dementia symptoms can incorporate asking the identical questions over and over; becoming lost in well-known places; not being able to adhere to instructions; becoming confused about time, people, as well as places; in addition to neglecting personal health and safety, cleanliness, and diet. Those that have dementia lose their capabilities at different rates.

Dementia might be a result of numerous conditions. Certain conditions that trigger dementia can be corrected, while others cannot. Two of the most typical types of dementia in older people are Alzheimer’s disease as well as multi-infarct dementia (occasionally known as vascular dementia). These types of dementia are irreversible, which means they cannot be remedied. (Signs or symptoms connected with dementia can often be treated, nonetheless.)

A number of conditions may perhaps mimic dementia, but are in fact reversible types of conditions. Reversible conditions with indicators of dementia may be the result of high fever, dehydration, vitamin and mineral deficiency and inadequate nutrition, bad side effects to medications, issues with the thyroid gland, or perhaps a minor head trauma. Medical conditions such as these can be significant and should be cared for by a medical professional without delay.

At times elderly people have psychological and mental conditions that might be mistaken for dementia. Feeling depressed, lonely, stressed, or bored may be more prevalent for elderly people dealing with retirement or struggling with the passing away of a wife or husband, family member, or good friend. Adjusting to these types of changes results in some individuals becoming confused or forgetful. Emotional issues might be made easier by supportive friends and family, or through professional guidance from a medical professional or therapist.

Here’s a great video made by The Alzheimer’s Society of Canada.

Harvard Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases

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