Tips for Coping with Sundowners Syndrome

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Tips for Coping With Sundowners Syndrome


The best way to describe Sundowners Syndrome is that it is a mood or sleep disorder in which the affected individual is afflicted with frustration, anxiety, as well as distress. This typically happens throughout the end of the mid-day or beginning night time hours. This particular irritated disposition along with frustration might be focused in the direction of virtually anyone. Sundowners Syndrome, referred to as “sundowning”, is a type of dementia which is experienced with the elderly.

Typically the affliction isn’t deadly. It is often times part of the signs and symptoms connected with more well-known and much more significant health concerns. Although Sundowners Syndrome is actually more noticeable during the evening hours, it can possibly have an impact on individuals throughout the day.

Due to the fact Sundowners Syndrome is rather typical, many dementia caregivers are aware of the range within the syndromes symptoms. These people may also be prepared to deal with these kinds of signs and symptoms accordingly.

Indicators of Sundowners Syndrome.
The precise signs and symptoms of Sundowners Syndrome may differ individually for each person. They might include the following:

  • Dread as well as anxiousness
  • Depression symptoms
  • Moping and crying out noisily
  • Irritated frame of mind during the early evening
  • Total mood swing at the end of the afternoon, as well as elevated hyper activeness as well as combativeness
  • Intense behavior, complete frustration, plus a lack of ability to manage oneself

Patients in the Dementia Stages that may experience these kinds of warning signs as part of his or her everyday life, a majority of these symptoms appear to be increased throughout the night-time hours. Warning signs may begin as soon as mid-afternoon and may proceed till mid-night. The sufferer may possibly feel very irritated as well as angry during these hours.

What Causes Sundowners Syndrome?
The precise root cause of Sundowners has not been identified yet. It can be commonly associated with dementia as well as early-stage Alzheimer’s, however there are additional causes. Sundowners Syndrome was initially considered to be the result of a breakdown in the biological clock. It could possibly be associated with lower amounts of light in the evening hours and also at night time.

Existing studies have shown that Sundowners might be brought on by particular prescription drug interactions. Additionally, it can be a result of the lack of the affected sufferer to grasp the everyday thought processes as a result of decreased mental capability. This could bring about increased levels of stress, frustration, as well as negative feelings.

About 40% of hospitalized mature adults who may have amnesia tend to be suffering from Sundowners Syndrome. Also finding yourself in a peculiar environment can easily trigger sundowning.

There is no designated way to manage Sundowners Syndrome at this point. Many individuals who may have dementia are prone to wander and be lost. Watchful oversight is important to prevent unnecessary accidents. Although there is no specific cure, there are a number of help and support techniques.

  • Choosing methods to lessen nervousness as well as frustration
  • Setting up a uniform program
  • Developing an atmosphere of health and safety
  • Restricting noises while in the early evening hours
  • Adding lighting boxes that contain full-spectrum illumination
  • Organizing every day to take advantage of sunlight hours
  • Exposing the patient to normal light from the sun



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