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10 Ways to Deal with a Patient who has Dementia and Paranoia

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Dementia and Paranoia – A frustrating combination for patient and caregiver.

Dementia and ParanoiaDementia and paranoia is a source of great frustration and sadness for a loved one or caregiver. Dementia is a chronic disorder which is generally caused by an injury or brain disease associated with old age. Some of the most common signs are memory loss, confused thoughts, personality changes, hysteria.

Many (but not all) dementia patients become paranoid after a  period of time. Usually from the third or fourth stages of dementia on. They will begin to have delusions and very strong false beliefs. They may believe that a mate is being unfaithful or they’re being followed by the police. They might think that someone is stealing from them. These are all signs and symptoms of dementia and paranoia.

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Early Onset Dementia Symptoms and Signs to Look For

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Dementia Stages- Early Onset Dementia SymptomsInitial Signs and Symptoms of Early Onset Dementia

What are the Early Onset Dementia Symptoms? Have you noticed something odd about a loved one lately? Are they finding it difficult to remember important names, dates, places, and events when you ask them about it?

Often people would think that forgetting these things is normal and it’s just part of “getting old”. But what many people may fail to realize is that this could be one of the early onset Dementia symptoms.


Early Onset Dementia Symptoms affect the cognitive function of the brain. Faculties such as judgment, memory, and concentration grow worse as the  Dementia Stages progress. Dementia is not merely a single disease but rather  a non-specific syndrome. That means that tan ailment is connected with several symptoms that point towards a particular disease or disorder.

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The Global Deterioration Scale and the Dementia Stages

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The Global Deterioration Scale and the Dementia Stages


Dementia is a condition that can be assessed by using the Global Deterioration Scale (GDS). It describes outlines the seven dementia stages and what symptoms to look for in each stage.

Dementia refers to a loss of normal brain function.  It tends to adversely affect memory, thinking skills, the ability to mufti-task and can lead to several other disorders. The most common form of Dementia is the Alzheimer’s disease.

There are seven stages of Dementia. These Dementia stages have a progressive nature, meaning each stage is more severe than the previous one. For example, during the first dementia stage there are no such signs of memory loss.

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