Activities for Dementia Patients to Keep Mind Active

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Activities for Dementia Patients are very important for the overall health and well-being of an affected person. New ideas are always welcome by professional and family dementia caregivers alike. Activities for dementia patients along with proper exercise and mental vitamins will enhance mental function. Some medical experts claim that the effects of dementia can even be slowed down by using these three phases of dementia care-giving.

Mental Activities for Dementia Patients

Activities for dementia patients should consist of mental exercises that are challenging to the patient. This will push the boundaries of the brain and keep the cognitive juices flowing. Some good activities for dementia patients are listed below.
• A Challenging book involving a somewhat complicated plot. Not too complicated though, this would only cause the patient to lose interest too soon.

• TV game shows, yes you read that right. They need to involve some sort of strategy or calculating to follow along. A game show that is only based on luck would be useless in trying to promote mental function.
• Puzzles, Puzzles and more Puzzles. Yes this is the obvious answer. The answer everyone already knows but the key is to make sure the puzzles are of a higher skill level than the patient is used to but not too hard. This is a fine line between the two but it is very important to keep the mind as stimulated as possible to keep the brain as healthy as possible.
• Sorting things, whether it is a can of nuts and bolts or a box of buttons. Have the patient sort them out by size, color or shape…etc.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is important to use along with activities for dementia patients. Exercise will impede atrophy of the muscles and promote blood flow to the brain. Muscle will shrink and disappear without exercise. A good example would be a person that has the misfortune of breaking his or her leg. After having a cast on the leg for six weeks or so and then has the cast removed will notice that their leg has lost a lot of its muscle tone. That is atrophy. We need blood flow to the brain to enhance mental function. Lack of proper blood flow can cause dementia. Vascular

Dementia is the second most common type of dementia.

Mental Vitamins

Mental vitamins or supplements along with a healthy diet could be the most important thing when combating the progression of dementia. Here a few helpful facts about mental vitamins.

• The B-Complex of vitamins is good for promoting blood flow to the brain. Vitamins B-1, B-6, B-12 are good for keeping the blood flowing.

• Anti-Oxidants are needed for the battle against “free radicals”. Free radicals are negative ions that wear away at the brain cells causing shrinkage of the brain. Vitamins C, D, E along with beta carotene and the omega-3 fatty acids are great oxidants.

Activities for dementia patients are vital to our mental health and should be used as a staple of dementia care-giving. It sometimes seems like a daunting task but do not ever hesitate to accept help and advice when you have the opportunity.


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  1. Memory Exercise Cards and Memory Games are mind-stimulating activities used in Cognitive Therapy for memory exercise and brain exercise.

  2. Balance in a standing position. This can be done holding on to a support if necessary. This exercise helps with balance and posture and can form part of everyday activities, for example when showering or doing the washing up.

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