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Is There a Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Blog Posts, Dementia Stages Info, Differents Kinds of Dementia | 0 comments


Difference Between Alzheimer's and DementiaDementia is a general title used to describe a set of signs and symptoms that in effect have the ability to cause problems with a person’s day to day functions. The signs and symptoms can be brought on by a variety of mental disorders and even physical diseases.


There is a difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia. The best way to describe the difference is that the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s are what dementia actually is…signs and symptoms of and inward disease.

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A Dementia Test is a Great Tool for Self Assessment

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 But Seek a Doctor for Diagnosis


Dementia TestA Dementia test can be a useful way to calm your fears about having Alzheimer’s or Dementia. I say this because more times than not people just find out they have nothing to worry about. Have you been a little more forgetful than usual lately? Are you misplacing things such as keys or shoes more than normal? Chances are there is nothing wrong with you other than typical signs of aging.

You will find five different dementia tests below that will help you decide whether you need to seek a doctor’s opinion. You should not consider the outcome of a dementia test to be a correct diagnosis. Always consult a medical professional if you have serious concerns.

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The Symptoms of Alzheimer’s – Signs and Indicators to Look For

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Symptoms of Alzheimer'sThere are many symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and people may experience them in varying degrees. We all have experienced forgetting a name once in a while or thinking that we may have misplaced the keys but the frequent memory losses someone might experience from time to time may already be one of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s disease is a fatal mental condition that can cause a slow decline in memory which robs the patient of the ability to think and reason over time.

What one must understand is that Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of Dementia. Dementia is a chronic loss of cognitive function and it usually affects one’s memory first. Alzheimer’s disease causes up to 80% of Dementia cases.

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Cortical Dementia versus Sub-Cortical Dementia

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Cortical Dementia versus Sub-Cortical Dementia

Blue BrainCortical Dementia and Sub-Cortical Dementia are very important classifications of the dementia stages. If we talk about the brain chances are people will be picturing the pinkish, soft structure with the familiar twists and turns and blood vessels that we commonly see being displayed in laboratories or a visual representation of it at least. This area of the brain is the cortex or the outer area. The brain is a very complex organ and what we see on the outside is only one of the visible components that make up the whole part. This is also the part of the brain where many people are familiar with, in appearance that is.

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Alcohol Induced Dementia – Symptoms and Information

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 Alcohol Induced Dementia – Symptoms and Information


Alcohol Induced DementiaAlcohol Induced Dementia is only one of the negative side effects of Alcoholism. Alcoholism causes more problems than we can get into in this one article. Long term mental issues, such as Alcohol Induced Dementia is one major complication that we will cover here. If you have a family member or a loved one who has chronically abused alcohol consumption over a long period or if you are a person who has had a long-term problem with alcohol then you need to become aware of the signs and symptoms of alcohol induced dementia.

Alcohol abuse over a long time will lead to not only physical, but can also lead to several mental problems as well. Alcohol Induced Dementia is a very real possibility among people who have a long history of alcohol abuse. As we all know alcohol can have an altering effect on the mind when it is consumed in excess temporarily. But after long-term excessive abuse of alcohol mental health problems may arise such as Lewy Bodies in the brain become damaged.

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Activities for Dementia Patients and Exercises for a Healthy Brain

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Activities for Dementia Patients and Exercises for a Healthy Brain


Activities for Dementia Patients are very important for the overall health and well-being of an affected person. New ideas are always welcome by professional and family dementia caregivers alike. Activities for dementia patients along with proper exercise and mental vitamins will enhance mental function. Some medical experts claim that the effects of dementia can even be slowed down by using these three phases of dementia care-giving.

Mental Activities

Activities for dementia patients should consist of mental exercises that are challenging to the patient. This will push the boundaries of the brain and keep the cognitive juices flowing. Some good activities for dementia patients are listed below.
• A Challenging book involving a somewhat complicated plot. Not too complicated though,

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Parkinson’s Dementia and Learning How to Cope

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Parkinson’s Dementia and Learning  How to Cope


Coping with Parkinson’s Dementia is never easy for the dementia caregiver. In the United States alone 50,000 – 60,000 new cases of Parkinson’s disease are diagnosed every year. That is an alarming number considering it is adding to the current 1 million people living and coping with Parkinson’s disease and Parkinson’s Dementia already.. It thought that up to 4 to 6 million people suffer from Parkinson’s disease worldwide. In the United States, Parkinson’s disease is believed to be the 14th leading cause of death. Parkinson’s Dementia is part of the end stages of the disease.

Parkinson’s Dementia is in many cases one of the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease which is a slow progressing, neurodegenerative disorder mostly affecting older people aged 50 or older but young persons can also be affected by the disease.

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